Soft Switch

Hitechdata provide VOIP Softswitch Linux & Window based, for wholesale termination and retail services.
If you are looking to setup your VOIP business under your own brand name, then Hitechdata
is right place for you. We provide complete solution to launch VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) business.
Hitechdata Softswitch Features like, PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Calling Card, Callback,sms callback solution,
Ani Callback solution, DID callback solution, Cli Callback, Pin Callback, Wholesale Termination,
Online Billing, Unlimited Resellers Creating, online shop, invoice generator, Protocol H323 and SIP.
All codec support G729, G711, G723, GSM.

Window Based VoIP Softswitch Best for Retails and Reseller Business

Features as Below

A-Z Rates
Wholesale VoIP
PC2Phone Customized Dialer
Calling Cards Platform
Reseller Module
Web Admin Module
Web SoftPhone
Web/ANI/DID/SMS Callback solutions
Website Module
Online Shop
Callshop & Café module
Call Center
Invoice Generator
VOIP Tunnel ( FOR SIP Device and PC2Phone )
Web Based Real Time CDR
SIP/H323 Translation
PostPay/Prepay & much more..

Linux Based VoIP Softswitch Best for Wholesale Termination

Features as below

Wholesale Termination
Profit & loss
ASR , ACD , PDD Report
Web Admin module
Customer Admin
Live CDR thru web admin
Call failed details
Connection Time
Support SIP / H323
Codec : G729, G723, G711a, G711u
SIP account / GK Client
Prepay / Postpay etc…

VoipSwitch Overview

Voipswitch is a software platform allowing for rapid voip services roll-out. It contains all necessary elements required in successful implementation of various VoIP services.

VoIP solution for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP)
Become a VoIP provider almost instantly using our complete, cutting-edge VoIP software which consists of:

Multiprotocol Softswitch, Integrated billing, Comprehensive Management Interfaces, Provisioning tools, Web Interfaces for Endusers, SIP Instant Messengers with voice and SMS, and Whole Family of Mobile Softphones for the most popular cellular phones like IPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian Nokia and Android.

To find out more about the Voipswitch main platform, its additional modules and other software products please navigate through the Products menu on the right. Please contact us to receive our price list.

We provide installation, configuration, training, after-sale support and continuous updates extending the software’s functionality of newly invented technologies so you can always be ahead of your competition.

Voipswitch Features:

A highly scalable softswitch with integrated billing
Class 5 features included
A Calling card platform with IP IVR including pin or pinless scenarios
A Callback solution supporting all types of triggering methods, e.g. SMS, missed call, web call back
Web callshop interface
Web self-care portal for end users and support for Online payments
SMS features for both wholesale and retail services, using http, SIP and SMPP protocols
Mobile SIP for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Iphone users; all features are integrated with VoIP tunneling
Windows communicator with Instant Messaging, SMS, voicemail, sip calling and many other modules
Multi-tenant, multi-user IP PBX platform
Voipswitch Clientele:

Wholesale termination carriers
Retail internet telephone service providers
Internet providers including WIFI and WIMAX operators extending their offer by adding VoIP
Cable TV networks and incubent telecoms
GSM providers
Voipswitch Expertise:

Actively involved in the VoIP arena since 2001
In excess of 1500 Voipswitch solutions deployed worldwide
Award winning softswitch solution, Best product of the year 2008 and Next Generation Network Leader 2009
Voipswitch has a presence at all important fairs and VoIP conferences worldwide
Our customers can make money on whole range of services starting with wholesale voice and sms termination, through calling cards (phone to phone) and all types of callback (ANI, PIN, DID, SMS, Web), to the services offering full replacement of traditional phones, namely broadband phone calling, which enables users to benefit from 5 class services (voicemail, own phne numbers, additional features).

In addition Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) can enhance their offer by adding softphone/communicator with sip, instant messenger and other cutting edge functionality. Another popular group of phone services are callshops which are also fully supported by our software.

All services can be offered through resellers who can manage their endusers accounts, rates sheets, see reports, active calls and more via web interface.

The system is multilayered, with the core which is the border session manager (softswitch) integrated with own, built-in, billing system. The core is responsible for switching the traffic, accepting incoming connections in different protocols, authorization, billing, reconcilation of different protocols or dialects and proxying the packets.

The higher layers consists of the applications extending the core of additional functionality like callback, Interactive Voice Response System, Callshop engine, Resellers module and others.

In addition the platform offers variety of tools for managent and reporting such as VSM, Web Config, Event Manager and others.

Another group of software are applications designated for endusers to which belong VSPortal - endusers web interface, softphones - Vippie!, SIPLink, Vippie mobile and also Callshop web interface and Online shop.



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