VoIP Consulting for Business

Delivering Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services is a promising scenario for many carriers. Unlike circuit-switched telephony, VoIP offers new opportunities for advanced and differentiated services, such as real-time call management, integrated messaging, interactive logs and ubiquitous call notification .While VoIP seems promising, it’s also daunting.

VoIP is a disruptive technology fueled by a rapidly growing and highly competitive broadband market. Its success in international call traffic shows its potential for challenging existing business models. Its proliferation in both consumer and enterprise markets also shows that VoIP is inevitable.

As challenging as it seems, VoIP migration doesn’t have to be difficult. Regardless of whether your challenge is maintaining quality of service, optimizing existing facilities, scaling to meet demand,circuit-to-packet migration or VoIP equipment deployment, Datasoft Networks can help make carrier-class VoIP service delivery easier, faster and more reliable.

Datasoft Networks offers a portfolio of products and services essential to successful VoIP implementation. We also offer the expertise and experience that can only come from working with leading carriers on projects ranging from a single market to large-scale regional rollouts with simultaneous roll outs in multiple markets.

Technical and monitoring services for VoIP

Before we engage with clients, we seek to understand their business and the impact that technology has on it. Typically the companies we work with are significantly dependent on technology so we strive to provide them with the perfect mix of technology and service that will enhance their core business results.

Clients who works with Datasoft Networks can spend more time on improving their core business. They know Datasoft Networks will maximize their user productivity, reduce business risk, and provide full time support. And because our services prevent problems and increase user productivity, our services frequently more than pay for themselves.


Voice Over IP Gateway has become effective and flexible Solution and this Solution is applied for the various offices data and voice connectivity. In additional to the concern on connective performance, reliability is also needed under the extreme circumstances. Network elements also have key role to perform.

Gateway enhances carrier services and also supports the transparency of the phone calls for lower cost and easy access. Flexible call integration is been developed at lower cost and easy access, which also helps for programmable call progress tones and distinctive ringing. It also helps in providing flexible numbering plans which helps in select the low cost route automatically having transparency at both the ends.

The performance of gateway requires the conversion of voice to IP packets between the different packets through various applications with the help of connection to any telephone provision is made for dial tone, ringing and caller I.D. So before taking any type of gateway into consideration following factors should be paid attention - software, tools and technical documents.

Considering any decision some samples should be tried out because it is a device not only for connection but to bridge network also. Pricing and packing with proper distribution is also required to increase the market of VOIP Gateways and here sales representative also plays a very important role for promoting this seeming simple device.

VOIP gateway is also known as a media gateway, which has minimum one Ethernet and telephone port. Controlling of gateway can be done through the application of various protocols such as SIP, MGCP, LTP and many others with the help of which it can become effective equipment for networking.


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