Secured Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO)

Hitechdata Secured Bandwidth Optimizer increases profitability to carriers by incrementing more than 70% the number of calls that are transmitted over their terminating Internet connections. Hitechdata SBO-Hitechdata Device with Hitechdata SBO-Server allows VoIP wholesale providers to deploy their terminating gateways in any network environment private or public IP, behind NATs or Firewalls. The SBO-Device is a Plug-And-Play instrument that connects up to five (5) terminating gateways without the use of a PC. The SBO-Device automatically will detect the terminating gateway connected to it. Then it will report the necessary data to the SBO-Server to start the operation. The SBO is capable of supporting 96 concurrent calls, which can be distributed among 5 terminating gateways. In addition, the voice packets are encrypted to overcome areas where VoIP is blocked, and to increase security and privacy for end-users’ voice communication.

Hitechdata SBO properitary Bandwidth Compression Algorithms is independent of the voice codec. This ensures 100% voice quality, and network characteristics (ASR and ACD). The system is operational with any Softswitch that is SIP compliant and utilizes voice codecs such G.729, G.723, GSM etc…

The outstanding performance of the SBO can be seen in the table below. A regular G.729 call utilizes 31.2 kbps of bandwidth. By using Hitechdata SBO, the same call will utilize less than 9 kbps. G.723 (5.3) utilizes 20.8 Kbps of bandwidth. By using Hitechdata SBO, the same call will utilize less than 6.5 Kbps.

How does it work?

1. Customer’s Softswitch sends its voice traffic to SBOServer.
2. SBO-Server processes the calls by encrypting and reducing bandwidth utilization.
3. SBO-Hitechdata Device receives the call, un-encrypts and reformats the call to its original bandwidth utilization. It then sends it to the terminating gateway that is connected to the LAN port of the SBO-Hitechdata Device.


1.Profits Increase by incrementing amount of calls being terminated over the same internet Link.
2. Secures communication – works in regions where VoIP is blocked.
3. Terminating gateways can be deployed in any private or public network.
4. Plug-and-play installation, NO PCs NECESSARY TO OPERATE
5. High-performance device.
6. Low power.
7. Softswitch independent.
8. Voice quality and network characteristics (ASR, ACD) perform the same.
9. Works with any terminating gateway such as GSM, Digital / Analog Gateway, Channel Banks.
10. Low-cost solution.
11. Simple to install and use.
12. Web user interface for CDR, ASR, ACD, and route configurations.

SBO Call Flow and Configuration


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