Please see the comparison

1. Middle East Antiblock
» Other PC dialer Not very effective
» FASTDIALER PC dialer Very very effective
Other PC Dialer is failing to offer a very good solution for Middle East antiblock. But FASTDIALER PC is very effective to overcome the Middle East Block.

2. Bandwidth usage
» Other PC dialer Usage heavy bandwidth
» FASTDIALER PC dialer Uses less bandwidth
For low bandwidth areas Other PC Dialers has many issues. Bad voice quality, Dropped calls etc. With FASTDIALER PC Dialer all these issues are solved since it uses less bandwidth and it works fine in low bandwidth areas

Advantages of FASTDIALER PC dialer
1. High quality VOIP calls using computers.
2. Bandwidth saver for low bandwidth areas.
3. Works with any VOIP gateway.
4. Very effective Middle East Antiblock
5. Real time call details.
6. Works on any licensed VPS, Cracked VPS or any other VOIP systems.

Why FASTDIALER PC is unique?

1. Middle East Anti-Block :- Proven Anti-Block Technology by using a FASTDIALER Rely server which makes VPS encrypted tunnel between the Dialer and the FASTDIALER server. Then traffic from FASTDIALER server to your VOIP system is just normal SIP traffic over 5060 port.

2. VOIP system Independence :- Tunnel is from Dialer to FASTDIALER server, so nothing to install in your VOIP server. So it works with any VOIP server using SIP port 5060.

3. Pro-Active Block monitoring :- We constantly monitor the FASTDIALER server for any traffic block issues, and act based on that to avoid traffic blocking.

4. Lesser bandwidth usage :- We use special Encryption and Compression Technics from FASTDIALER Dialer to FASTDIALER Server. This saves almost 50% bandwidth usage. You can set compression level in the Dialer settings. For low bandwidth areas other Symbian dialers has many issues. Bad voice quality, Dropped calls. Etc. With FASTDIALER Symbian all these issues are solved since it uses less bandwidth and it works fine in low bandwidth areas.

5. No huge investment :- Just rent it for $99 per month. No need to pay extra for rely servers, no set up fees, no upfront fees. Just pay a nominal $99 per month fee and use it with your company name displayed in Dialer.

6. Flexible payment methods :- Pay using PayPal, Credit Card, Debit card, Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer.


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